Thursday, October 31, 2013

Ritual - Talking to the Gods!


When giving blot or otherwise addressing the Gods and Goddesses, it's easy to forget that communication is a two-way process.  We sometimes fail to remember that we are talking to the Holy Powers rather than, for example, just to ourselves or to the assembled folk who are participating in the rite.  I believe it's important to actively intend to communicate with the deity in question, not just to say some words by rote.  This should be obvious, but since most of the time we operate in a reality where our communications are with other humans (often mediated by electronics) I believe it bears some emphasis. 

To avoid this tendency in myself, I make a point of consciously addressing the God or Goddess.  This may or may not be apparent to those observing the rite.  When I really want to talk to Odin in personal ritual instead of just metaphorically sending him an email that he may or may not open, I call upon him three times with very deliberate intent of asking for his attention.  I ask him to hear me!  It's like sending a personal phone call rather than sending an email that may or may not "get through."

All of this begs the question of the nature of the Gods, and that's a whole other subject.  For now, I'll say that while in ritual I never ask that question, nor do I even care:  The Gods are the Gods, they are Mysteries, and I wholeheartedly assume that they are the other half of the communication I am ritually making.  Philosophical speculation is something for another time.

Hail the Gods!
Hail the AFA!

Steve McNallen

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