Monday, May 20, 2013

Asatru Folk Assembly Obtains Rights to Edred Thorsson Collection!

The Asatru Folk Assembly is proud to announce that we have purchased the rights to many of Edred Thorsson's books formerly published by Runa-Raven Press.  When Brad, our operations officer, announced the acquisition at the recent "Mother of All Moots," the news was greeted with excitement and joy.

Here's the joint statement from Edred and Steve: 


    Some thirty-five years ago, Edred Thorsson wrote Steve McNallen inqiring about the Asatru Free Assembly.  The two young men struck up a correspondence and began an exchange of ideas that has continued down to this day.  Edred joined the Asatru Free Assembly, contributed to its journals, and formed the Rune Gild under its wings.  Edred was one of the primary speakers at Althing One, held by the Asatru Free Assembly in 1980.  Similarly, Steve remains to this day a member of the Rune Gild and has spoken before its Moots. Both Steve and Edred are independent thinkers, but their bond of mutual respect and loyalty, and their dedication to the revival and re-expression of Germanic religion, remains true to this day.

    Neither of us is young any more.  We have traveled rough roads in the past decades, breaking brush where few dared to tread. There is always a painful price to be paid for such leadership, and when Edred, betrayed by a trusted colleague, saw Runa-Raven Press fold despite his best efforts the pain was shared by Steve and by all who value Edred's seminal work on behalf of the Germanic Awakening.  Something had to be done to keep these important publications  -  Edred's writings in particular  -  available to the larger public.

    With this in mind, the Asatru Folk Assembly has purchased the rights to many of the most important of these manuscripts and will ensure that they remain in print through the AFA's publishing arm, Runestone Press.  Even now, Runestone Press is readying a new edition of Blue Runa, as well as books by authors other than Edred.

    It has been a long time since our collaboration began back in the late 1970's.  Many things have changed, but our collaboration, friendship, and dedication to the Germanic Awakening remains the same.

Steve McNallen and Edred Thorsson
Just another accomplishment from the most effective Asatru organization around...

Steve McNallen

Asatru Folk Assembly

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